About Us

The Distillers

A quality gin doesn’t happen by accident and quality botanicals are a key element in a Humdinger gin. 

It began at a wedding in 2019 - a few loose words, a fair bit of encouragement, some wild imaginings and a decent dose of bravado. A copper still followed and Geraldine’s first distillery was established in 2020!

Humdinger’s resident tinkerer is Andrew Lewis, a professional engineer who obsesses over making each batch of gin smoother than the last, while his better half, Saskia Lewis, a technologist by trade and a biologist by training, jazzes things up, adding the spice and enriching the flavour!

When they’re not slinging gin, this ingenious couple who dared to dream big are their own general dogsbodies – developing recipes, breaking rules, building, labelling, marketing and making.

Passionate about sharing the art of distillation and Humdinger Gin with the world, Andrew and Saskia are doing it for the love of gin.

Andrew and Saskia Lewis standing in front of their hand-crafted copper pot still
A drawing of the Humdinger NZ Gin bee logo

What is Humdinger?

Humdinger meaning

“Call something good, call it cool, call it nice, call it excellent, but if you think it is really outstanding, call it a humdinger! Humdinger is a word for a person or thing that is remarkably excellent.

source: vocabulary.com/dictionary/humdinger

Humdinger Gin celebrates the humble honey bee

At Humdinger, our raw products are sourced locally from nature- the seed of coriander, a juniper berry, the root of orris are all part of, the botanical produce we faithfully use in our distillery. For these crops to continue with the abundance of botanicals that they produce, we are wholly reliant on the most excellent honey bee to continue with her highly efficient job of pollinating our food crops as well as for wild flora to keep the cycle of life flowing.

For us at Humdinger Gin, we celebrate the unsung hero - the honey bee, by having her on our label.

Fun Fact: Worker bees are all female, and are all offspring of the queen. But there are males in the hive called drones. Drones fly off to reproduce with other young queens who will start a new colony.

The humble bee is a vital part of our process in producing some of the purest natural gin in the world. Not only are our ingredients kept as pure as possible, so too is the process of making gin.

The Future

Daring to dream has got us this far so why not keep dreaming for a Humdinger future of epic proportions?!

Who knows how far our dreams will take us but what we do know is we’re having one Humdinger of a time doing it and want you to join us on our journey!

A photo of Saskia from Humdinger NZ Gin in Juniper bushes


To date, our Humdinger Gin has been awarded top-level placements in these outstanding Gin competitions with only being operational since late 2020.

Humdinger Craft NZ Gin Gold Medal

New Zealand Spirits Awards

Our Humdinger Dry Gin was awarded a gold medal and our Humdinger Citrus Gin a bronze medal in the 2021 version of this competition. This put our Dry Gin in the top 13 Gins that entered from New Zealand and overseas.


Humdinger Craft NZ Gin Awards

London Spirits Competition

Both our Dry and Citrus Gins were awarded silver medals, with our Humdinger Dry Gin placing 4th out of all NZ Gins that entered.


Humdinger Craft NZ Gin Medals

International Wine and Spirits Competition

Both our Dry and Citrus Gins were awarded bronze medals, with each gaining 87 points out of 100 and positive tasting notes.


Feedback from competitions is important but it’s not as important as the feedback we get directly from you the consumer, as you are the reason we strive to make every batch better than the last. Enjoy!