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Perfect Pairings

Gin’s versatility means it is a spirit favourable for all types of drinkers. With the best examples, you can sip the stuff neat, fix an evening drink, or make cocktails for a whole party – all with one bottle.

Dry Gin

Gin & Tonic

Andy’s a classic kind of guy and loves a timeless G&T, especially when teamed with a great tonic!

He’s into the East Imperial products and reckons there’s nothing better than a Humdinger dry gin paired with any of the following:

Old World Tonic

Royal Botanic Tonic

Burma Tonic Water


Is a gin really a gin without a garnish though?! 

Try your G&T with:

Makrut lime leaf

Fresh orange slice

Humdinger dry gin pairings, New Zealand gin cocktails

Citrus Gin

Gin & Tonic

We all know Saskia’s the one who brings the spice to Humdinger so it comes as no surprise to learn she’s the one knocking back the Citrus gin!

An adventurous go-getter, she also loves the East Imperial range and you’ll find Saskia sipping her G&T’s with:

Yuzu Tonic

Grapefruit Soda

Grapefruit Tonic


Zing it up with a lively garnish and enjoy yours with:

Fresh lime wedge

Cut celery

Fresh mint or lemon balm

Humdinger citrus gin pairings, New Zealand gin cocktails