Quality First

Every step of the Humdinger way, we consider quality first - not cost, nor time, but quality. And we like to think the results speak for themselves!

Quality Botanicals

A quality gin doesn’t happen by accident and quality botanicals are a key element in a Humdinger gin. 

We source our botanicals from a specialist UK spice trader, diffusing our gins not just with flavour, but also with history and culture from around the world. Our botanicals are truly international, a flavoursome journey along the traditional trade routes - juniper berries from Macedonia, coriander seeds from Bulgaria, angelica root from Belgium, ginger from India, liquorice root from Egypt, nutmeg from Sri Lanka and orris root from Morrocco. In a uniquely Humdinger twist, our Silk Road takes a dog leg to Aotearoa where we source our homegrown barley from Canterbury and our fresh orange and lemon peel from Gisborne.

Our recipes are secret, kept close to our hearts and the result of endless trialling, testing and tasting. It’s just as well we enjoy a tipple or two as we continue to refine and tweak, ensuring each batch stands up to our rigorous quality control standards.

Humdinger NZ Gin Juniper
Humdinger Craft NZ Gin Still

Quality Maceration

Our botanicals are precisely weighed and steeped in an alcohol and water fusion for a day and a night, enticing the flavours and aromas in preparation for distillation.

The result is the perfect bathtub gin, a discerning tea-like liquid and a far cry from the Prohibition moonshiners and their famously foul illicit bathtub hooch!

Clearly we’re not bootleggers! Instead, our macerated botanicals are a quality controlled solution of enticing aromas and favourable flavours, a vegan-friendly product of sugar cane alcohol that provides an exquisite mouthfeel and an open slate for experimentation.

Quality Distillation

Most mornings, at around 8 o’clock, our custom-made copper still cranks up and gets to work.

Loaded with our bathtub gin, the pot still generates the full-bodied and robust gin that Humdinger is renowned for, while it’s unique and conscious design ensures balance and proportion.

Ours is a six-hour distillation, one of continuous monitoring that takes generous heads and tails cuts, leaving only a heart of the highest quality that will be rested and mellowed before progressing to bottling. We’ll never bottle early, always choosing quality over convenience.

Humdinger Craft NZ Gin Still Boiling
Humdinger Craft NZ Gin Labelling

Quality Bottling

At Humdinger, we’re not into chill-filtering. We’ve carefully added beautifully balanced flavours to each bottle so why would we want to filter them away?! Instead, you’ll find a Humdinger gin is perfectly clear at room temperature and likely to louche (fancy pants industry talk for cloud) in the fridge.

Humdinger Small Batch Botanical Gin, made by nature in Geraldine, NZ