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A True Kiwi Original:

Introducing Humdinger's Sloe Gin – an unmatched symphony of 100% New Zealand-grown sloe berries. A product of our rich soils, distinctive topography, and unique climate, each bottle resonates with the heartbeats of our orchards.

We handpick our sloe berries at the pinnacle of their ripeness and promptly snap freeze them. This technique reveals the most nuanced aromas and flavors, allowing us to craft a gin that boasts luscious plum and almond undertones. A hint of sugar syrup is meticulously added, ensuring a perfect interplay of tartness, warmth, and depth.

Why Our Sloe Gin Stands Out:

It's not just gin; it's an experience shaped by our terroir. The very essence of New Zealand's natural environment – from our fertile soil to our temperate climate – is infused in every drop, distinguishing our Sloe Gin from the rest.

Serving Suggestions:

Relish it neat, pour over ice, or add a splash of soda water for a refreshing twist. For an elevated treat, indulge in a Humdinger Sloe Gin Fizz.

Limited Vintage Release:

  • 2024 Vintage: Due in September 2024
  • 2023 Vintage: Sold Out in 6 days - 530 bottles.
  • 2022 Vintage: Sold Out in 9 days - 419 bottles.
  • 2021 Vintage: Sold Out in 3 days - 128 bottles


  • Volume: 500mL
  • Strength: 26.5% abv

New Zealand Grown Sloes

Putting quality first is the main ingredient for our successful New Zealand gins. This is why we have established an orchard of over 1,000 Sloe trees (Blackthorns), so we can have fresh, locally grown sloes picked at peak ripeness to capture the brightest possible flavours.

Humdinger Sloe Gin Awards

  • Humdinger Gold Medal Craft Gin - Artisan Awards

2023 Vintage

Worlds best Sloe Gin at the 2024 London Spirits Awards, and subsequently the worlds best New Zealand Sloe Gin.

2022 Vintage

Second best Sloe Gin in the world at the 2023 London Spirits Awards, and subsequently the worlds best New Zealand Sloe Gin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Justine Young

Ever since I tried this at Geraldine I've been hooked. Got two bottles this release and have been savoring it. Had never tasted a sloe gin before this brand. I am impressed by the flavour. Absolutely delicious and top quality.

Trudy Tarbotton
Delicious 🤤

This is such a beautiful gin and am so lucky that I was able to get some … will enjoy every sip ❤️

Chrissy Gardner
Very nice indeed

Have purchased before in previous years just getting better 🤗 well done great job

James Mcphie
Sloe days

Great drop of gin, drunk neat over ice. Really enjoyable drop for evening relaxation. Sorry that the batch and season is so small.
That said I have yet to drink a Humdinger Gin I have not enjoyed!

Mark Hickman
Greatest Little Gin Company

Sloe gin is rare in New Zealand. This example is unique in that is uses home grown sloe berries. Beautiful colouring exceptional flavour. With a slight sweetness, it is very easy to drink straight or with a little tonic. Great as an after dinner drink.