Sustainability is very important to us, so we incorporate this into every decision to produce the most sustainable gin possible.

  • Packaging

    We use a sustainably sourced label stock for every one of our labels. A minimum of 30% PCW (Post Consumer Waste) goes into every label which are also FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody certified and Green Seal certified.

    We have phased in natural agglomerated cork stoppers with a wooden top instead of alternatives such as plastic tops and synthetic stoppers. Because these stoppers come into contact with our precious gin, we use highly trusted suppliers to ensure the product safety and quality is maintained while also protecting the planet.

    We also use PET tamper-proof shrink sleeves which are a recyclable, more environmentally friendly option compared with traditional options such as PVC shrink sleeves.

  • Botanicals

    We source as many botanicals as we can from New Zealand, to minimise food miles. It would be nice to make a 100% NZ Gin, but this is not possible due to our climate.

    We also make the best use of these botanicals to minimise wastage. For example, we do one big, annual peel of lemons and oranges which are then freeze dried by a local company. This means that the citrus notes are as fresh as they were when they were picked, so we don’t dispose of any old citrus. When we first started, we would order a few more oranges and lemons to ensure we had enough to provide the peel that we required but this meant we often had wastage that didn’t sit well with us and needing changing, which we did!

  • Water

    Instead of trucking in pure water to use in our gin we use local water that originates from the Southern Alps, before passing this through a range of filters to provide pristine water while minimising the environmental impact.

  • Electricity

    We proudly use an electricity supplier which focuses on renewable energy. Given our location, this is mainly hydro-electric power from our South Island lakes and rivers.

  • Equipment

    We consciously choose equipment that is environmentally friendly, even for things like our hoses.

  • 1% For The Bees

    We gift 1% of our profits to The Beekeepers Daughters, which is a great initiative where beehives are built and installed to maximise the great work that the humble worker bee completes. Without these bees we wouldn’t be able to make Humdinger as we know it, with the bees being responsible for many of our botanicals as well as the food that keeps the team going, so the least we can do is sponsor beehives to give back to these thankless workers.

Bottle Refills

Return to our cellar door with your empty bottle and witness the simple, yet profound act of refilling your favourite gin.

Not only do you save $5 on each refill, but together, we take a step towards preserving our planet.

Join us in our commitment to reducing waste and savor the spirit of conservation with every pour.