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" [The citrus gin] is a proper dry gin with a lingering top note of fresh orange, tart and cleansing over the traditional piney, earthy botanicals. Smooth and clever.... The dry gin achieves the feat of being punchy in terms of botanicals but not spirit ... Again, if you want your gin to taste like gin, but also smooth enough to sip neat, this is for you. "

- Claire, international gin judge
" Humdinger Gin is outstanding gin, especially for the price. The closest I've found is one super-premium gin that retails for over $150, and even then I'd still reach for a Humdinger. "

- Dan, liquor industry expert
" This is the best gin I've ever had! "

- Yvette, casual gin drinker
" Now those are outstanding gins, you've really cracked both the dry and citrus! "

- Peter, gin connoisseur
Humdinger craft nz gin being wax dipped

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