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The term ‘natural’ is often overused, its real meaning obscured and diluted by hackneyed hype and folk jumping on the bandwagon.

For the team here at Humdinger Gin, a natural product has to be something genuinely recognisable in nature – the seed of coriander, a juniper berry, the root of orris. These aromatic natural components add true value in producing our fine New Zealand-made gin.

Our obsessive gin distiller Andy, can be seen hand-preparing all these aromatic botanicals to release the natural flavours slowly into each small batch of handcrafted Humdinger gin. Attention to detail and honest naturally sourced ingredients is what sets a Humdinger gin apart from the masses.


However, these botanicals that we celebrate at Humdinger, would not be possible without the humble worker bee. Those buzzy little guys who begin nature’s cycle. Bees are vital to pollinate the food we need to survive. They pollinate many of the trees and flowers that provide habitats for wildlife and also contribute to the seeds, herbs, roots, and fruits that we harvest and infuse into our ‘humdinger’ of a Gin.


We recognise the brilliance of the humble bee and have chosen to salute the many wonderful attributes of the bee on all of our Humdinger Branding.

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