Product FAQs

Our Humdinger Citrus Gin is very popular among a wide range of gin drinkers, and our Humdinger Dry Gin also very popular, this time amoung people who enjoy class, traditional gins.

People partial to a whiskey will say our barrel-aged gins are best, and people who have lived in the UK and made their own sloe gin will say that’s our best.

Why not try a few and see for yourself!

Yes, all Humdinger Gins are gluten free.

We have not had our products tested as being gluten free so we cannot guarantee this, but it's highly unlikely that gluten carries over into the final product during distillation.

Our Dry, Citrus, Sloe and Barrel Aged Gins are vegan friendly, as we use a sugar cane base spirit. We are not "certified" vegan friendly however.

Our Pink Gin is not vegan friendly because we blend a small amount of honey into this.

A perfect gin is clear at room temperature and cloudy when cold or when diluted.

This is called louching, where the oil/flavour comes out of solution, and it's a sign there is the maximum amount of flavour in the gin. Cin-cin!

We use a combination of local and imported botanicals in all of our gins.

We use as many NZ-grown botanicals as possible, while also using quality botanicals to ensure our gins are as tasty as possible.

Yes we do!

We forage locally for the rosehip and spaniard root that go into our Pink Gin.

When stored correctly, gin lasts several years.

In short gin should be stored upright in a cool, dark place but see this article for more tips and tricks.

Unfortunately our old bottle supplier stopped making the square bottles, so we couldn't purchase them any more.

We did make the best of a bad situation and upgrade to more premium bottles, which has worked out better overall.

Tour and Tasting FAQs

Not currently, but you can see all of our stills and equipment from our shop tasting area.

Yes we do.

We offer our gift boxes at competitive rates with unlimited combinations to best suit your needs, and we offer options to include your branding wherever you will like.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss options.

No we do not currently charge for tastings.

With the wide range of gins available on the market we are big believers in “try before you buy”, so we want to keep this as accessible as possible.

No bookings are needed, as we like to keep things simple.

Our tastings are an informal affair where small samples of each gin are available along with the recommended tonic/mixer while talking all things gin with our team.

Sales FAQs

Yes we do.

We love helping with weddings, Christmas gifts, large events, you name it!

Please get in touch and we can discuss various options.

Yes you can. We have an off-license so you can purchase the gin fresh off the line!

No we don't offer pre-orders for any upcoming gins.

Sign-up to our newsletter to be the first to know about these exclusive offers.

Shipping and Delivery FAQs

Orders placed before 2pm are processed that day, and from there South Island orders typically take 1-2 days while North Island orders typically take 2-3 days. Add another day for rural delivery too.

No, we don’t. Any orders made during the weekend or on a public holiday are processed the following working day.

Unfortunately, not at this stage. You can ask a friend to ship it for you, as they aren’t a company which makes it easier, but keep in mind you may be liable for paying tax and duty when it enters your country.

Another option is to use a freight forwarder like Jetkrate.

Other FAQs

Chipottle, or chip for short, is our awesome distillery dog who occasionally comes to work with us.

This is not a regular thing so we can’t promise that you will be greeted by his wagging tail sorry.

Yes, Humdinger Gin does contract distill for other brands. Feel free to contact us to discuss options and pricing for our range of contract distilling services.

For more questions and answers, please visit us at the distillery and we can talk all things gin!

Humdinger Small Batch Botanical Gin, made by nature in Geraldine, New Zealand.