The perfect cocktail glass for your gin cocktail with Humdinger Gin

Gin Cocktails deserves beautiful glassware, Humdinger explains why?

Our clients enjoy the whole experience of drinking our Humdinger Gin. Regardless if it's a gin cocktail or straight on the rocks.

Delight is taken in recognising hints of citrus on the nose right through the juniper body to the refreshing aftertaste that lingers on the pallet. 

All this is possible with glassware that has been specially designed with this in mind. 

Copa – the authentic gin cocktail glass

Gin glasses that are shaped with a large and wide bowl, tend to heighten the aroma and enhance the flavour of your Gin of choice - Humdinger Gin! Also sometimes referred to as a balloon glass, it's a bulbous shape on a stem, like a wine glass.

The copa’s spacious, wide bowl enables botanicals and garnishes to work their magic and infuse your drink with aroma and flavour, making it great for particularly floral, fruity or fragrant gins, such as the Humdinger Citrus Gin. The thin stem helps prevent hands from melting the ice too much.

Highball - Perfect for Humdingers tall cocktails with gin.

Over the summer, there is nothing so refreshing as a gin cocktail. Tall and refreshing with copious amounts of ice!

The highball's tall, sleek shape can help to keep your drink cool and tonic water fizzing. This type of glassware is also a popular choice when it comes to gin-based cocktails, such as the Foghorn.

The Martini Glass

Quaffing a gin martini could be the Crème de la crème of consumption of a gin cocktail. The wide brim of the glass has been designed to have greater exposure to air, which helps the spirit to open up, the steeply sloping sides also prevent the cocktail's ingredients from separating, and help to support a toothpick or cocktail skewer of olives. The perfect choice of glassware for Humdinger’s Martini.

So there you have it, 3 reasons why you need the right type of cocktail glass for each cocktails with gin. If you are needing a great gin cocktail recipe, look no further! Check out our great range of gin cocktails with Humdinger right here.