Gin Cocktails by Humdinger NZ Gin

How to make a Gin Cocktail

Entertaining from home will be very much the new “dining out” for the immediate future.

Part of the dining experience is the drinks, and what better choice than gin?

Gin is going through what the experts call a “ginnaissance” and its popularity has no signs of slowing down. Gin is a fabulous drink that appeals to the masses due to its variety, taste, and versatility. The juniper berry defines the crispness and delicate freshness that make for a great gin.


At Humdinger Gin we would like to give you a few inspiring Gin cocktails to make your evening or luncheon a success. These cocktails feature each of our signature and limited-released gins, exclusively designed by mixologists for Humdinger.

Dry Gin Martini - Humdinger Dry Gin

The revered martini may have traditionally been associated with vodka, however replacing vodka with Humdingers Dry Gin showcases this gin's best qualities -Early notes of subtle citrus demand attention, while juniper cuts a daring middle. An exquisitely complex and lingering finish of licorice root and nutmeg round out this composed and velvety gin. Crisp and clean is exactly what a martini gin should be.

1. Chill a cocktail/Martini glass.
2. In a mixing glass, combine the gin and vermouth.
3. Add the ice and stir for 60 seconds.
4. Strain into the chilled cocktail glass
5. Garnish with an olive.

The Bees Knees - Humdinger Citrus Gin

We love the idea of introducing our hero ingredient - honey to our cocktail menu. The Bees Knees has ingredients that most people will already find in their kitchen. Handy hint - dissolve the honey in a splash of hot water to loosen it up a bit. - Be sure to shake vigorously.

• 60ml Humdinger Citrus Gin
• 20ml fresh lemon juice
• 40ml clear honey
• Ice
• Lemon twist to decorate

1. Add the gin, lemon juice and honey syrup to a shaker with ice.
2. Shake well, so the glass and contents are chilled.
3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
4. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Negroni - Humdinger Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin

As with dry wines such as chardonnay, many people prefer a more bitter than sweet cocktail. The Humdinger Negroni is a perfect fit. With equal parts of Campari, vermouth, and gin it's an easy recipe to remember. Adding a little more gin will make it a dryer taste.

• 30ml Humdinger Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin
• 30ml campari
• 30ml sweet vermouth
• 1 large ice cube
• Orange peel twist

1. Pour the gin, vermouth and Campari into a mixing glass. Add ice and stir well. Make sure the glass feels cold.
2. Strain the liquid into a tumbler.
3. Add one large ice cube.
4. Garnish with an orange twist

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