Urban List logo. Features Humdinger Gin in one of its articles.

Humdinger Gin Getting Media Attention

This month, we also had a wonderful article written about us in the well renowned lifestyle website - The Urban List NZ. 

Urban List is an award-winning indie media house — seeking and sharing the good life, in good company. We are fortunate to be included with other quality Gin Distilleries. Check out the article here - Humdinger Gin and The Urban List NZ 

January is flying by, and we are thrilled to say that our gins have made for great Christmas Presents this festive season. January is the perfect time to indulge in a fine gin and a Humdinger Gin is the perfect accompaniment for a BBQ or pre-dinner refreshment.

There are many ways to enjoy gin, and there are a lot of experts and boutique gin distilleries that have their own take on what makes for the perfect gin. For us, we love the flavours and aromas of the gin itself. We don’t want to hide the botanicals of the gin by loading it up with  unnecessary sweet fizz. 

We choose the gentle pairing of East Imperial tonics and sodas. They complement the essence of our Gin without overpowering the piquancy of the Humdinger Gin itself.

Wanting to add to your collection?or perhaps just starting your journey with Gin? Check out the wonderful gins we have available for purchase by clicking on this link.

Alert level Red

Under level Red we are still able to operate. Our distillery will still be making gin and is available to purchase in store and online. 

When visiting our premises to purchase gin you must:

  • Wear a mask
  • Sign or scan in
  • Adhere to social distancing rules

If you wish to sample our gins before purchasing we also need to see your vaccine pass.
We thank you for your understanding with the Covid-19 rules.