The Blushing Spirit: Tracing the Journey of Pink Gin from Past to Present

The Blushing Spirit: Tracing the Journey of Pink Gin from Past to Present

As we meander through the annals of gin history, the tale of Pink Gin emerges as a colorful chapter, steeped in tradition and reinvented in our modern era. From its naval origins to the shelves of Humdinger, let's explore the evolution of this blushing spirit.

The Origins of Pink Gin: A Naval Elixir

The story of Pink Gin begins in the mid-19th century with the British Royal Navy. It was concocted as a palatable way to consume Angostura Bitters, a herbal concoction believed to ward off seasickness. Mixed with Plymouth Gin, the bitters imparted a pink hue to the drink, hence the name 'Pink Gin.' It was a staple of naval life, often enjoyed with a dash of water, and soon found its way into the hearts of gin enthusiasts back on land.

Pink Gin in the Modern Gin Era: A Renaissance

Fast forward to today, and Pink Gin has undergone a renaissance. No longer just a simple mix, it's an entire category that infuses gin with a variety of red and pink botanicals such as strawberries, raspberries, or rhubarb, often sweetened for contemporary palates. Pink Gin now stands as a testament to the spirit's versatility, appealing to both traditionalists and newcomers to the gin scene.

Humdinger's Homage to the Local Landscape: Our Pink Gin

At Humdinger, we've embraced the legacy of Pink Gin with our own artisanal twist, introducing the 'Dive into a Local Dream with Humdinger Pink Gin.' Our rendition is a love letter to South Canterbury, a region that offers an abundance of natural splendor.

Crafting the Local Dream

Our Pink Gin is a celebration of locality. We forage the best of what our land has to offer, starting with the luscious blackcurrants that infuse our gin with its deep, alluring hue and a robust burst of flavor. These local treasures are complemented by the subtle, floral notes of rosehip, sourced from the windswept Rangitata, contributing to the gin's layered taste profile.

In crafting our Pink Gin, we sought balance – the sweet with the tart, the bold with the delicate. It's a balancing act that echoes the equilibrium found in nature, and one that we believe results in a spirit that truly reflects the essence of our home.

A Spirit Served with Pride

We recommend serving our Pink Gin with a tonic that respects its sweet nature, such as Schweppes Tonic Water or Lemonade. For a nod to gin tradition, Fever Tree's Mediterranean Tonic Water is the perfect match, enhancing the floral notes without overshadowing the gin's character.

Stewardship of the Blush

Our Pink Gin is as natural as the landscape it hails from. To maintain its vibrant character and natural sediment, we advise storing the bottle in a cool, dark place, giving it a gentle shake before serving to awaken the full spectrum of flavors.

Humdinger's Pink Gin is not just a drink; it's a journey through time and place. It's a tribute to the gin's rosy past and a toast to its bright future, all while staying rooted in the rich tapestry of South Canterbury. Join us in this local dream, where every sip is a celebration of our heritage and craftsmanship.


  • Volume: 500mL
  • Strength: 40% abv


The pink gin we know today is a far cry from its bitters-infused ancestor. It has become a canvas for creativity and a means to express local pride. At Humdinger, our Pink Gin is more than just a hue; it's a heartfelt homage to our roots, a crafted spirit that invites you to experience the beauty of our local bounty with every pour.