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Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin

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Batch #3 now available
43.3% abv

This Limited Release Humdinger Gin is made by aging a custom gin that we designed for barrel-aging, in a used american oak bourbon barrel for 4 months.

A sweet aroma of oak and cardamom are noticable as soon as this bottle is opened.

Subtle candied citrus opens this gin, followed by sweet cinnamon and vanilla, before a gentle spiced cardamom and smokey finish tails off.

Barrel details:

Barton 1792 Distillery - Bardstown, Kentucky, USA.
American Oak Bourbon Barrel, 4 months aged.
American Oak is hearty & strong, thus imparting more of a spicy, coconut, clove taste profile. This is why it's used for Merlot & Syrah wines.

Serving suggestions:

For a tall drink mix with East Imperial Ginger Ale over ice.
For a short drink try in a Hot Toddy, or with a small amount of honey syrup over ice.
Another great mixer to try with this gin is the East Imperial Ginger Beer.

Earlier batches:
Batch 1 - 44.9% abv
Batch 2 - 44.6% abv

Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin Botanicals

Obsessive passion, research, and development are the ingredients for our successful New Zealand gin. Sourcing our botanicals from a specialist UK spice trader, diffusing our gins not just with flavour, but also with history and culture from around the world. Click on this link for more information about our ingredients.

We proudly use only natural botanicals in our gins, consciously chosen for their character and flavour.

Depending where each botanical is grown they have very different aromas and flavours too, so we have sampled botanicals from all over the world and found the best of the best.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Not a gin drinker but i drink this one

Popped in as we where walking around the little town ship. and got offed a sample of the bourbon aged gin. tasted bloody nice and brought a bottle to bring home back to chch with us. it goes down well with a dash of ice and Ginger-ale to serve. the bottle did not last very long at all. we are going to have to pop back down to humdinger and get another bottle of this.

one thing i do like is the hand written labels with batch number the amount of bottles poured from the batch made.

Thank you again humdinger

Damn good!

Thanks Andrew and Saskia - this is my first of a few Bourbon barrel gin bottles i feel - its a very exciting drop! Non-traditional in a very good way, love it!


Strong Bourbon Oakey Vanilla undertones mixed with a great Gin. Best mixed with Ginger Ale

Bourdon Barrel aged Gin

This is the second bottle we have purchased and the flavours can be seen as complex. With a fine tonic there are hints of lemon as well. A fine gin and well worth trying to add to your repertoire of fine NZ made gins. This is my top one for this season for sure.

Hi RA, great to hear you are enjoying the Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin so much!
As a thank you for taking the time to leave a review I will pop a little something in the post today for you.
Cheers, Andrew @ Humdinger

Jonathon Flay
Bourbon barrel aged gin

Very very nice drop