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Humdinger Dry Gin - New Zealand Made Gin
Humdinger Dry Gin - New Zealand Made
Humdinger Dry NZ Gin with tonic and garnish pairings

Dry Gin

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Bold | Balanced | Smooth

An old soul packed with nature’s finest, this dry gin balances the best of British methodology with Humdinger’s flair and ingenuity.

Early notes of subtle citrus demand attention, while juniper cuts a daring middle.  An exquisitely complex and lingering finish of liquorice root and nutmeg round out this composed and velvety gin.

This is the stuff of classic cocktails, from an unapologetically good Martini to a naughty Hanky Panky! Go on then, have some fun!

Humdinger Dry Gin Awards

Gold - 2021 NZ Spirits Awards
Silver - 2021 London Spirits Competition
Bronze - 2021 International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC)

See our Perfect Pairings for what tonics and garnishes work best.

700mL, 40% abv

Customer Reviews

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Pam Lennie
HumdINGer dry gin - not a mixed up GIN

HumdINGer dry gin – not a mixed up GIN!

This is really a traditional London Dry Gin that proclaims its heritage and unashamedly demonstrates its quality. It knows where it’s coming from and it avoids fly-by-night trends.

Try it first on its own, chilled and straight from the fridge (or the garage in this fierce winter!), then with a mixer, and next think about its use in a cocktail.

The nose is complex and full. Nothing overwhelms; everything is in balance and entices. The same with the first sip. The botanical flavours merge harmoniously. Swirling the glass shows some legs - enhance perhaps by 2 or 3 more alcohol points? Enjoy it chilled but without ice.

Adding a mixer (has to be East Imperial Old World Tonic!) gives a hint of cloudiness that shows the absence of chill filtering – all the flavour components stay with the gin! The Old World Tonic adds a vigour that seems to enhance, rather than dilute, the botanical flavours.
Be careful when making cocktails – this does not form a basis for a negroni or a mixture with any other strong (especially sweet) flavours, but it will take some additional restrained individual flavours. Perhaps some chilli, perhaps some pepper or a little mint.
Or try some real teas – a white tea or, maybe even better, a rare oolong. But not a Pu’er!
This is really good, big boy and girl stuff!

Pam Lennie
July 2021

Bobby Harpur
Goes real good

An amazing gin! So smooth and easy to drink

Andrew Sporle
This gin rocks

Recommended by a friend and I can see why. A fantastic product, very fine flavour. So good it was hard to put the top back on. One for a special occasion or just spoiling yourself.

Thank you very much for the review Andrew, and it's great to hear you enjoyed the Dry Gin!
You were the lucky October winner too, so we'll get your prize out to you on todays courier.

Greg Vandergoot
Another great NZ gIN

You open the package to find a really cool design on the bottle. Subtle but very nice. The Gin is smooth and very much a dry gin. If you are looking for something a little different made by New Zealand give this a try.

Lisa Whiffen
Best Gin

I’m so impressed with this Gin and the Citrus is just as good! Delivery was great! I’m a fan! Great range of tonics also! Great Work Team Humdinger