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Venture into the world of Humdinger's latest limited-release creation: Yuzu Gin. This masterful spirit seamlessly melds the vibrant and exotic flair of New Zealand grown yuzu with the comforting embrace of classic citrus from orange and lemon peels.

At its heart, our Yuzu Gin delivers a perfect balance. The floral tranquility of chamomile is intertwined with the freshness of lemongrass, while Gunpowder green tea provides a subtle, unique backdrop.

Anchored in tradition, our gin resonates with the foundational notes of juniper berries, coriander seed, and angelica root. Yet, it's the citrusy splash of yuzu that sets this gin apart, promising a refreshingly unique taste experience.

Each sip is the result of meticulous craftsmanship. A combination of pot distillation and vapour infusion has been employed to gently extract the best flavors from our carefully selected botanicals.

    Discover the brilliance of Humdinger Yuzu Gin – a symphony where citrus meets floral in harmonious delight.


    • Volume: 500mL
    • Strength: 40% abv
    • Standard drinks: 15.8

    NOTE: As we are down to our last few bottles of this gin, the label is different from that in the images but it's still the same, delicious gin inside!


    We proudly use only natural botanicals in our gins, consciously chosen for their character and flavour.

    Like all of our gins, our Yuzu Gin features a hero botanical from New Zealand and complemetary flavours from around the globe.

    The hero in this case is New Zealand grown Yuzu, supported by 12 other botanicals from New Zealand and further afield.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Pam Kohnke
    Love Yuzu

    Beautiful treat !


    Humdinger yuzu gin is delicious!
    Service is great too, shipped very quickly, and with a nice personalised note inside 😊

    Wendy Collie

    Sorry haven't tried this yet - saving for Christmas day 🙂

    Richard Bacon
    Humdinger Yuzu gin

    This is a real sipper. No need to add flavour from fruit or dilute with a mixer - just some crushed ice.yuzu plus good tea...splendid! OK - real challenge. What about Pu Er tea or Tie Guan Yi (iron Buddah)? Pu Er plus saltiness would be very interesting.
    But the Yuzu gin plus Bad Baker salted caramel oat cookies! An astonishing combination!

    Bevan Clark

    i am a colecter of gin, have not opened yet.but all your gins have been great.