Summer Time Gin

Summer Time Gin

Summer is a fun part of the year - catching up with friends and family, enjoying some time away, and enjoying the finer things in life.

This is why we are often asked what can gin be mixed with?

We have a simple view on this, that more often than not you can mix gin with whatever you enjoy. A wedge of your favourite lime, lemon or orange in a tall glass of gin will never go amiss. If you like mint then a few lightly bruised leaves with your favourite gin might work well too.

With it being Christmas time we had a few strawberries left over after decorating the pavlova, so we added some of these to the Humdinger Dry Gin for a summery, sweet, strawberry gin flavour. 

Humdinger NZ Strawberry Gin

Humdinger Strawberry Gin at Christmas time

Here are a list of gin garnishes that we quite enjoy paired with different gins at different times of the year.

Gin and tonic garnishes:

  • Gin and lemon
  • Gin and lime
  • Gin and orange
  • Gin and grapefruit
  • Gin and juniper berries
  • Gin and peppercorns
  • Gin and star anise
  • Gin and strawberry - great for a Christmas gin
  • Gin and raspberry
  • Gin and blueberry
  • Gin and rhubarb
  • Gin and rosemary
  • Gin and a cinamon stick - more for winter time
  • Gin and apple
  • Gin and makrut lime leaf
  • Gin and mint
  • Gin and lemon balm
  • Gin and cucumber
  • Gin and celery stick
  • Gin and mango
  • Gin and peach

Hopefully that has given you some inspiration to play with some garnishes yourself, and make the most of your summer gins!