Humdinger NZ Made Sloe Gin
Humdinger New Zealand Made Sloe Gin Bottle

Sloe Gin

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2021 Vintage has sold out, 2022 Vintage expected in Spring 2022.


This is a 100% NZ-grown sloe gin, giving it a very unique flavour.

Sloe Gin? What’s that about?

A sloe gin can be classified more as a liqueur and gin is a spirit, a sloe gin is sweeter with more intensified flavorings. Everyday Gin is made from traditional distillation processes as we have here at Humdinger, while sloe gin is made from mixing sugar and sloe berries and steeping in gin.


Subtle plum opens this balanced gin before a bold juniper middle leads to a distinctively long sweet almond finish.

Our Humdinger Sloe Gin is rather unique, being made with 100% New Zealand homegrown sloes.

Terroir (the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate) defines why our Sloe Gin is very different from all others - thanks to our climate, soil, terrain & growing technique.

2021 Vintage - Only 128x bottles produced.

Humdinger Sloe Gin Awards

Silver - 2022 NZ Spirits Awards


500ml, 27.7% abv




Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jill H
Heaven in a glass

Decided to buy a bottle of this as part of my husband's birthday present. Then I decided to buy a second bottle because I knew one wouldn't be enough. We opened the first one tonight. We're big sloe gin fans so had high expectations. We were not disappointed. Absolutely delicious, and so smooth. We drank it neat and it would be a shame to have it any other way.

Coral Douglas
Sloe Gin

Lovely and warming. Definitely a winter gin. My English friend enjoyed it.

Sloe Gold...

Hey Andy!
I really like your Sloe Gin. A little bit of a tart bite at the first taste, but lovely flavour once warmed up in your mouth, and smooth as silk going down.
Taken with only a couple cubes of ice.
I'll be back for more from the next batch.

Hi Blair,
Thank you very much for your review, and great to hear you enjoyed the Sloe Gin.
You're the lucky December winner too, so I'll get your prize off to you today.
Cheers, Andrew

Jay Wain
Make sure you sip sloe-ly

I am a huge sloe gin fan, it's my favourite gin. I've tried a few. I absolutely love the unique flavour of Humdinger sloe gin. To me it has more subtle plummy notes than your typical sloe gin and is very very smooth to drink neat (I love this about all Humdinger gins they are so smooth) I will be first in line for the next year's release. 10/10.

Hi Jay,
Thank you so much for your review, and great to hear you enjoyed the sloe gin. We agree that the sloe gin was unique but in a really good way!
Look forward to seeing you again,

Tony Oosten
Outstanding Sloe gin.

Have enjoyed the first sips of the Sloe gin. looking forward to enjoying over the holidays.