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Geraldine News Article - Celebrating our new Arnold Holstein Still

For the last two years, Andrew and Saskia Lewis, aka Humdinger Gin Distillery, have been developing and producing gin in a 50-litre copper still. Having succeeded in creating a gin that has won a slew of awards internationally, they found themselves in need of a still that would produce a greater quantity...

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Local Botanicals in our Local Gin

What Botanicals Should Go In A Gin Gin is the fabulous drink we all love thanks to the botanicals used to impart flavour, aroma and texture. Coriander makes the gin taste and smell different than cardamom, which is different than almond, peppercorns, and even gorse flower. Choosing what botanicals to use in a gin is an art learnt through science and experience, but choosing where these botanicals come from is just as important.   Terroir - Environmental Factors Impacting Each Botanical Depending where each botanical is grown, they will taste vastly different. The soil, climate, and farming practice all impact the final botanical. We love to use local botanicals in our gin wherever we can. We are excited that we are...

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Sloe by name, Slow by Nature

The Sloe Gin Story starts its sweet story in the hedgerows and thickets of the British countryside. Sloe berries are the sour, blue-black fruit of the thorny blackthorn shrub, a member of the rose family. The Sloe Orchard At Humdinger gin we have established a sloe orchard, one of the first in New Zealand. The tiny, astringent fruits are harvested in Autumn at the first frost by the enthusiastic team here at Humdinger. With sloes not traditionally being grown in this manner, we are continually experimenting with drainage, irrigation, and tree spacings. We are delighted to report, that what improvements we have made are working, with a bumper 2022 crop. When will the 2022 Sloe Gin be ready? The 2022 Vintage...

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